Two Rivers Coffee Shop - Menu

Pastries Wide variety of daily delivered, scratch-made baked goods by Neato's Bake Shop in Baraboo, WI. Mouth watering scones, baklava, ham and cheese croissants, doughnuts, assorted muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls, croissants, and many more!
Espresso Espresso
Rich, intense and remarkably delicious! Roasted in-house and blended to will not be disappointed.
brewed coffee Brewed Coffee
Locally roasted to perfection. Check in with our friendly staff to find out the coffees of the day. Or if you are feeling adventurous, try a delicious Café au Lait. 
americano Americano
Savor the rich and frothy espresso based Americano. A bit more intense than brewed coffee, but we are convinced that you will love it.
cappuccino Cappuccino

Velvety froth, rich espresso, creamy and memorable; you will not be able to resist our distinctive Cappuccino!

latte Latte

A lot like our cappuccino, but without the extra froth. Enjoy and tamer but tantalizing Latte, plain or dressed up with some flavor and whipped cream.

iced coffee Iced Coffee

Start with cold brewed coffee - ultra smooth yet rich coffee brewed over 12 hours. Add your choice of flavors, milk and whip cream and you have sipping perfection!

tea Rishi Tea

Our distinctive and quality teas are offered in silk sachets. This allows the tea leaves to "open" up with flavor and delight your senses!

smoothies Smoothie

100% natural ingredients, enjoy a range of flavors with or without a shot of protein and yogurt. You are sure to feel refreshed after one of fruit smoothies.