Impact Ministries International

History of Impact Ministries International (IMI) 

Tom Stamman founded Impact Ministries International (IMI) in the late 1980’s. 

In 2003 Tom went to Honduras to scout out land for an orphanage. It was there he saw a horrific scene: The emaciated bodies of starving orphans and widows combing through the hot and foul garbage dumps in search of scraps to fill their bellies. Then finding out that the little children have to become prostitutes to feed their younger siblings. Something had to change.

To date, IMI has feeding centers in Argentina, Bangladesh, Belarus, Guatemala, Kenya, Haiti, Honduras, India, Sudan, Philippines, Cambodia, Madagascar, Guyana, and Columbia.

IMI has dug 32 water wells in eight countries including Honduras, Burma, Malawi, Cambodia, Vietnam, Liberia, Madagascar, and Laos.

IMI has representatives in countries including: Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Belize, Haiti, Colombia, Argentina, Ukraine Belarus, Ireland, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Liberia, Norway, UK, Ireland, Canada, Fiji, Costa Rica, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Congo and Uganda.